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  • Published: Jul 31st, 2010
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Obama Administration Threatens Veto on Any Bill Blocking EPA Carbon Regulations

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This is pretty good news. Its important to note that the death of climate legislation does not mean the death of carbon regulation. It just moves it into a new phase, where the EPA takes the lead. And the Administration will protect that privilege:

President Barack Obama would veto legislation suspending the EPAs plans to write new climate change rules, a White House official said Friday.

Coal-state Democrats, led by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (W. Va.), Reps. Rick Boucher (Va.) and Nick Rahall (W. Va), are trying to limit the federal governments ability to control greenhouse gases from power plants.

The coal-state proposals, which would block the Environmental Protection Agencys authority for two years, would undercut what is widely seen as Obamas alternative climate policy, now that Congress has punted on cap-and-trade legislation for the year. The Obama aide said the proposals wont win the presidents signature if they managed to pass on Capitol Hill. Rockefellers bill is expected to reach the Senate floor at some point this year.

All those lawmakers who want Congress and not

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