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  • Published: Jun 28th, 2009
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FutureGen looking for help

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CHAMPAIGN, ILL. The exit of American Electric Power Co. and Southern Co. leaves the nine power and coal companies that are still part of whats known as the FutureGen Alliance searching for new partners to help cover building and startup costs they expect to reach roughly $2.4 billion.

The Department of Energy said June 12 that it would provide just over a billion dollars in stimulus money as it agreed to restart the long-stalled project, aimed at proving that the pollutant carbon dioxide can be removed from coal and safely stored.

AEP and Southern, two of the countrys largest utilities, cited concerns about cost.

AEP says it will leave the project by July 1, mentioning both uncertainty about its details and how much money the Columbus, Ohio-based utility would have to spend.

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