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  • Published: Dec 31st, 2010
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EPA and Congress Headed for Showdowns over Carbon Regulations in 2011

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WASHINGTONRep. Fred Upton recently suggested that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson would soon be testifying at oversight hearings so often that she should reserve a personal parking place on Capitol Hill.

With that remark, the Michigan Republican poised to dictate the House Energy and Commerce Committees agenda set the tone for how acrimonious the relationship between the 112th Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency might become.

And EPA authorities likely added fuel to an incendiary situation by waiting until Dec. 23the day after Congress adjourned for the yearto spell out what scientific standards refineries and power plants must meet relatively quickly to limit their prolific carbon emissions.

The timing of EPAs bold announcement last week aided in smoothing the ruffled feathers of green advocacy organizations, livid because they suspected the president was caving in to bulked-up GOP naysayers empowered by results of the mid-term elections. What ignited their irate reaction was the Obama administrations early December decision to delay a pair of rules for smog and toxic emissions from industrial boilers.

Fury around that double retreat was compounded by angst that EPAs

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