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  • Published: Apr 29th, 2009
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Carbon Cap

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The simple economics of the carbon cap
The cap solution in a nutshell
Capping carbon pollution encourages the growth of renewable energy and energy-efficient industries. It brings customers to these businesses, which in turn will create good jobs and help revitalize American towns.

What is a carbon cap?

A Carbon Cap is a limit placed on carbon pollution. A national limit is set and carbon allowances (emission permits) are auctioned or allocated to companies. Companies that can reduce their emissions cheaply can make money by selling their extra allowances to others. This ensures overall emission reductions are achieved at low cost. And it gives everyone a profit motive to reduce pollution as much as possible. (Only large polluters are regulated under a Cap.)

New jobs americans can do tomorrow

Take the wind turbine. Its a machine. Americans are good at machines. A typical wind turbine has 8,000 parts and is made of 250 tons of steel. Somebodys got to make that steel, fabricate those parts, assemble those parts, deliver the assembled turbine to a wind farm, erect the turbine and manage the wind farm. Thats a lot of jobs right in the American workers sweet spot. And this is just one example. A Carbon Cap will create demand for energy efficient windows, LED lighting, ball bearings for turbines and thousands of other products. And by starting now, well make sure these products are made here and exported all over the world. Instead of becoming more products we have to import.

New jobs create more jobs

Imagine a place like Braddock, Pennsylvania with new investments to supply clean energy industries. Once workers start bringing home paychecks, they start buying again. Making wind turbines is hungry work. The diner and the grocery store get busy again. The diner and grocery hire more workers. Those workers need clothes and cars and computers. Suddenly a dying town is a thriving community again.

Expect the naysayers

A Carbon Cap is not popular with everybody. The usual suspects, like some in Big Oil, will drag out the same old tired scare tactics. But the status quo is not good enough. Not for the environment. Not for the economy. Not for the unemployed workers of Braddock. A Cap will spur new investment and can help revitalize towns like Braddock and others across America. To see a list of thousands of companies that would see new demand for their products under a cap go to

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