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  • Published: Nov 14th, 2009
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Can EPA regulations on CO2 be blocked?

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Its widely assumed that if Congress fails to pass a clean energy bill, the EPA will step in with regulations on CO2 under the Clean Air Act. The Supreme Court ruled in 2007s Mass. v EPA that it must do so if it finds CO2 to be a dangerous air pollutantand sure enough, the agency sent the White House its final endangerment finding Monday. EPA regulations now appear inevitable and unstoppable. But dont be so sure.

The threat of EPA CO2 regs is a thorn in the side of fossil-fueled legislators and one of the few points of leverage green Dems have. It has hovered over congressional climate negotiations, bringing recalcitrant lawmakers to the table. Its generally agreed by both sides that regulatory emission restrictions would be worse for power companies than legislative restrictions; a recent Wall Street Journal story covered several utilities lobbying for legislation on that basis. EPA regs would be

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2 Responses to “Can EPA regulations on CO2 be blocked?”

  1. Paul Blagbrough
    on Nov 16th, 2009
    @ 6:13 pm

    The two things the Republicans are forgetting are that reducing Carbon is as much about being efficient as anything else and most businesses could save a lot of money on their energy bills and that if they can become a lot more efficient they can also sell their Carbon Credits and make money. Surely they’re not against making money are they?

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