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  • Published: Oct 31st, 2009
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Arcata Forest signs on to new carbon program

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Arcata has committed just over 20 percent of its community forest to grow trees and store carbon, part of a contract with the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. meant to reduce greenhouse gases.

The contract, worth $400,000 paid over four years, will reduce logging on 460 acres of the Arcata Community Forest for 100 years. By allowing more trees to grow larger on the plot, more carbon is stored in the form of wood, reducing participating PG&E customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by a total of 40,000 metric tons.

It’s part of a PG&E program called ClimateSmart, which allows customers to

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One Response to “Arcata Forest signs on to new carbon program”

  1. Albert Einstein
    on Nov 2nd, 2009
    @ 1:32 pm


    Anyone with a teenager, or anyone over 30 trying to keep their 20’s appearance, knows that “growing” is considerably more energy intensive than “being”. Remember when you could plow Taco Bell at 3 AM and be no worse off for it.? Ever see a teenager inhale a large plate of food, and be famished a half hour later? I think most mature adults would agree that 15 year old 50 lbs lighter than them could still eat more pizza, tacos, or carbon than they could in a day. Its a reality that is not only proven, but one that we would all acknowledge if we thought about it for 3 seconds.

    I have family in Arcata and visit frequently, and I know what this is really about. For decades the debate has raged in this area over the perceived benefits and horrors of clearcutting forests for lumber. The perception, is that aesthitics = science, and thus the ugly bare hillsides left behind are somehow proof that clearcutting is bad. But while it may be an “ugly” tactic, science has repeatedly shown that it is the better way to restore forests, especially redwoods and confiers. New growth does not have to compete with the advanced root systems of old growth nor does it have to live in the shade of old growth. From a carbon capture perspective, vibrant new growth, while not having the capacity to hold as much carbon, DOES have the biology to consume and process it considerably faster.

    So what we have here is really part of a greater problem. People clinging to old, factless perceptions held with heavy conviction have latched on to the momentum of the (equally factless) Global Warming agenda in an effort to “win” unrelated and age old arguments. And in a place like Arcata with no opposing viewpoint the end result is appropriating $400,000 of money subsidized to a private company from a bankrupt state to apply a “fix” to a bogus problem, that will accomplish the exact opposite of the stated goal. Furthermore, this is undertaken with no accountability to the stated goal from the outset.

    And everyone stands up and pats themselves on the back. Except, of course, for the 3000 people a day that are fleeing California every day after decades of similar lapses in judgements have ruined a once great state. And I assure you these are not folks going back to Mexico.

    Funny that the futility in all efforts attempting to get this country back on course, boil down to four famous words uttered by a “Blue Collar” comedian:

    You can’t fix stupid…

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