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  • Published: Dec 19th, 2010
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To Lower UK Carbon Emissions, Technology Costs Must Come Down

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According to new reports from Renewable UK, the cost of technology must become cheaper in order for the UK to lower its carbon emissions. It is going to be impossible to bring down carbon emissions if everyone is priced out of new technology.

Experts go on to say that the price of technology can be lowered. They said that this can be achieved by significantly raising investment in renewable energy through capital support from private investors. Of course, getting extra support from utility companies and the government wouldnt hurt either.

The spokesperson for Renewable UK, Louise Jennings, is very confident that the UK could reach its 2020 target to source 15 percent of energy from renewables. She said that, as an industry, they are confident that the target can be met given the huge number of renewable energy products that are in the pipeline right now. Some 49GW in the offshore wind industry alone.

She went on to say that, if they are to deliver on this, they must ensure that there is a very clear policy framework in place. This will allow for the necessary flow of investment to this sector. Without this, it could become very difficult to meet industry goals.

Just earlier this month, Mitsubishi announced that it had become the latest major investor in UK offshore wind power. More investors like Mitsubishi are needed in order for the UK to meet its goals. Mitsubishi is going to invest some 100 million pounds into a green energy center in Scotland.

However, Mitsubishis investment alone will not be enough. More companies need to follow this companys lead to help the UK government reach its carbon emission goals.

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