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  • Published: Jan 21st, 2011
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Server room monitoring ‘cuts carbon emissions’ – Server Room Monitoring

| Sourced From Comms-express |

An IT professional has used server room monitoring to cut his client’s reliance on Computer Room Air Conditioning (Crac).

According to, Chris Smith, sales and marketing director at on365, has embarked on a strict energy monitoring and server rack reconfiguration regime in order to cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

“Air from the cooling aisle floor grills was mixing with the hot air from the servers, meaning that on reaching the air conditioning units, the air temperature was significantly higher than the Crac unit was designed to cope with, using extra power to support this,” Mr Smith told the news source.

His client was under pressure to reduce its emissions from the Carbon Reduction Commitment, so Mr Smith provided the firm with environmental monitoring capabilities throughout its data centre and separated completely the cold aisle to prevent warm and cool air mixing.

Mr Smith believes his measures will save a significant amount for his client, the news provider added.

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