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  • Published: Nov 8th, 2009
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Rubbish could help boost London’s low carbon economy

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London’s low carbon economy could be boosted by the 22 million tonnes of rubbish the city produces each year, an environmental charity has claimed.

Comments from Friends of the Earth (FoE) followed a report from the London Assembly Environment Committee, which claimed that rubbish could be recycled and used to produce electricity for two million homes.

The London Assembly is correct to call for low carbon policies for energy production which do not rely on incineration, the eco organisation explained.

Jenny Bates, London campaigner for FoE, said: “To relieve pressure on the world’s finite resources and help tackle climate change we should be reusing and recycling as much as possible.

“The mayor must now focus on improving London’s recycling rate to cut waste, slash carbon emissions and create new jobs.”

Further findings from the London Assembly report showed that using non-recyclable rubbish to provide energy could help reduce the capital’s carbon emissions by 1.2 million tonnes.

Targets for London include reducing emissions by 65 per cent by 2025.

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