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  • Published: Jul 30th, 2010
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G4S joins major fleet carbon reduction scheme

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Security solutions provider G4S is participating in the Freight Transport Associations (FTA) Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS). Brian Sims reports.

An industry-led voluntary scheme to record, report and reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from the UK freight sectors, founded in January this year, has now officially launched and is being supported within the security sector by G4S.

The Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS) is managed by the Freight Transport Association (FTA), in turn positioning the logistics sector in the lead as Government challenges business to respond to national and international climate change targets.

The scheme does this by capturing the progress that individual businesses within the sector are achieving in reducing fuel use, for example through collaboration, investment in low carbon vehicles, use of low carbon fuels and eco-driver training.

Single reporting framework

Scheme members use a single reporting framework, based on wider Government-led business reporting requirements, to track emissions. The FTA then consolidates these individual returns to create “a collective signatory picture”.

The scheme provides a simple and cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to use the same measurement techniques to measure carbon dioxide emissions from logistics activities and report them on a common basis.

Initially, it will focus on carbon dioxide emissions arising from the combustion of fuel in commercial vehicles, the largest source of emissions in the logistics sector, but will be extended over time to cover the other modes and activities in the supply chain (including rail freight, shipping and aviation, manual handling and warehousing).

Broad spread of G4S vehicles

The G4S fleet vehicles currently participating in this scheme include Cash-in-Transit vehicles from its Cash Solutions business, Care & Justices Detention and Escorting vehicles and Integrated Services logistics vehicles. The entire fleet consists of some 3,000-plus vehicles across the businesses.

John Lennox of G4S Cash Solutions, and a National Council member of the FTA, commented:

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