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  • Published: May 31st, 2009
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Energy Sector Prepares for Imminent Arrival of Carbon Capture Guidelines

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OPERATORS and contractors are preparing for the imminent arrival of the Department of Energy and Climate Changes (DECC) formal guidelines on carbon capture and storage in the UKCS.

Rapid moves towards CO2 capture and storage as key elements of a sustainable energy policy, already backed by the Scottish Government, has seen the DECC move to put a new control regime in place.

Neil Anderson, partner with Ledingham Chalmers LLP in Aberdeen, says interest in the shift to carbon capture and storage has moved at a pace previously not seen, following the Scottish Centre for Carbon Storages recent identification of 29 depleted oil and gas fields which could be used for CO2 storage.

The DECC has already announced that all new combustion power stations, which includes not only coal but combined heat and power

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