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  • Published: Oct 14th, 2010
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Eco entrepreneur designs zero carbon home

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A green energy businessman has designed a zero carbon home for his family.

Russell White from Oakenholt, Flintshire, has created a home with renewable energy, ensuring that the property will emit no carbon and energy bills will also remain zero.

Indeed, the Flintshire Chronicle reported that through the installation of solar photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine, the family will make more than £4,000 a year through the government’s feed-in tariff by selling electricity back to the grid.

Instead of brick walls, the home is made out of recycled pallet wood, which offers insulation; although under floor heating mats will also provided extra heat when the temperature drops.

Mr White told the newspaper: “The roof has 100 mil of insulation between the eaves and we are putting 300 mil of glass wool insulation between the ceiling joist, so the house will be so well insulated it will hardly ever need heating.”

Other features include solar-powered hot water cylinders and energy saving light bulbs.

The government has pledged to make all 26 million homes in the UK zero carbon by 2016.

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