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  • Published: Oct 31st, 2010
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Carbon reduction scheme ‘significantly’ changed by UK government spending review

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The UK coalition government’s spending review announced last week will “significantly” change the environmental responsibilities for firms operating in Britain, an influential business organisation has warned.

Specifically, firms that have been signed up to the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme will see their contributions put towards reducing the UK’s public finances – instead of being recycled to scheme participants as originally planned, according to BSI.

In addition the first allowance sales for 2011-12 emissions are now planned for 2012 rather than 2011.

“BSI is urging UK businesses that have obligations under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme to focus on the potential for savings of around 30% in their energy use; significant savings for any business in the current financial climate. Despite changes to the scheme, which alter the primary incentives, taking a systematic approach to energy reduction can help businesses achieve longer-term benefits,” the organisation stated.

BIA went on to advise that, key to achieving these savings is the accurate measurement and verification of energy usage.

Rob Wallis, BSI managing director, EMEA Region, said: “These changes do not materially diminish the scope for substantial financial gain and energy management saves businesses a significant amount of money. It remains firmly in the interest of UK plc to engage fully with the CRC scheme on a financial as well as environmental level, especially in what we are told will be more challenging times.”

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