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  • Published: Jun 29th, 2010
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Britain Could Cut Carbon by Altering Clocks

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It now seems that Britain could be thinking about alternating its clocks. Research now suggests that Brits could save hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide a year by doing so. The overall goal here is to, of course, cut down on the amount of CO2 that is produced.

A group from Cambridge University said that putting clocks forward by one hour in winter would add an hour of daylight to the evening. This would mean that during the winter months, the time in the UK would be GMT+1 and in the summer it would be GMT+2, the same as continental Europe.

By having lighter evenings, people would be able to use less electricity. This, in turn, would mean that less CO2 would be generated per house. Campaigners are using this research to lobby the government for a permanent time change in the UK.

Eugenie Harvey, the director of the campaign group, said that the lighter evenings would make everyone happier, healthier and safer. The research Dr Garnsey has presented only serves to strengthen an already overwhelming argument for change.

As people already know, Britain already alters its clocks by one hour in the summer. During this time they move their clocks forward on the last Sunday in March and then backwards on the last Sunday in October. This works the same way as รข

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