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  • Published: Nov 30th, 2010
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Affordable zero-carbon homes

| Sourced From Greenbuildnews |

An affordable house that achieves level six on the Code for Sustainable Homes was unveiled at the Eco Innovation Forum in Westminster yesterday.

The StramitZED building system, the result of a collaboration between Stramit Technology Group and Bill Dunster’s The ZEDfactory, blends proven technologies and innovative design principles to create zero-carbon homes. Bill Dunster explains: “The system provides Code level six performance with no net cost for energy, at an affordable build cost.”

The Code six house combines solar PV, solar thermal and passive heat recovery technology with Welsh timber frame, Stramit strawboard-faced cassettes and Warmcel insulation.

Terracotta floor tiles and ceiling bricks are used to ensure the building’s thermal mass can even out fluctuations in temperature. The developers have estimated the construction costs are

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