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  • Published: Aug 30th, 2010
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8,800kg of carbon saved in eco-contest

| Sourced From Lynnnews |

Fourteen organisations saved 8,872kg of carbon – equivalent to filling 37 double-decker buses – as part of Peterborough City Council’s Miles Better challenge.

The city council’s Travelchoice team challenged city organisations to reward employees for travelling by sustainable means over the course of three weeks last month.

Businesses of similar sizes competed against each other for the chance to win a selection of fantastic prizes.

The competition was run in three categories. The Environment Agency won the 250+ employee category, receiving a visit from an ice-cream van.

HC Solicitors took first place in the 50 to 250 employees category, winning the use of an office masseuse for the day who will give free massages at desks.

The final category, for organisations with 50 or less employees, was won by Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) who will enjoy a night out at Peterborough Greyhound stadium.

Samantha Dalton, the city council’s cabinet member for environment capital, said: “The results of the challenge demonstrate that people across the city are adopting greener lifestyles and can really reduce the impact they have on the environment with a little bit of effort.

“Using more sustainable forms of transport wherever possible is healthier and better for the environment, and builds on our growing reputation as the UK’s environment capital.”

James Harrison, the city council’s business travel plan officer, said: “The ‘Miles Better’ challenge has proved a great success.

“During the competition, 38,994 green miles were travelled by the employees that took part, saving almost 9,000kg of carbon for the city. This is a great achievement.”

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