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  • Published: Dec 18th, 2010
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Silence on Kyoto mars carbon credit biz

| Sourced From Businessweek |

Mumbai, Dec. 13: The silence at Cancun on the future of the Kyoto Protocol has cast a cloud of uncertainty over the emission trading business (carbon credits) in India.

Experts are interpreting the situation in different ways, with the overall view being that the emission trading business has to stay in one form or the other, if carbon emissions are to be reduced. However, for now, the $2 billion per year market for Indian companies is in a jeopardy.

Under the Kyoto Protocol, polluting industries in Europe were allowed to pay polluters in developing countries such as India to cut their emissions. For cutting down their emission of carbon dioxide, Indian companies get emission-credits, which can be sold to European firms that need to reduce their pollution.

The prevailing price of emission credits is a little over 11 euros for a tonne of carbon dioxide. However, as the Kyoto Protocol hasnt been extended beyond 2012, it is not clear whether there will be a market for carbon credits post 2012. This market, currently worth $2 billion per year is in jeopardy because of the uncertainty, says Mr Kishore Butani of

Earlier, buyers used to routinely purchase credits for the next ten years, but now they will be no longer willing to look beyond 2012, he adds. Another issue Mr Butani said is that every month India used to submit 20 projects for prior consideration for carbon credit to Kyoto.

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