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  • Published: Jul 29th, 2009
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CDM projects of NALCO under Kyoto protocol cleared

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Kalinga Times reported that 4 environment oriented projects proposed by National Aluminium Company Limited under Clean Development Mechanism have been cleared by central ministry of Environment and Forests. NALCO will make total investment of INR 11 crore in these projects.

Acceptance of MoEF is 1 of the requirements for registration of CDM projects. NALCO has taken steps for engagement of designated operational entity, which will validate the CDM projects for submission to UNFCCC.

NALCO has taken up numbers of CDM projects in its smelter, captive power plant and refinery units, wherein better technology would be used to further reduce GHG. It said that all these projects have been accorded consent by Union Ministry of Environment and Forests last week.

Kyoto Protocol is a global cooperative attempt to address threat due to increasing growth of Green House Gas emissions and per capita GHG emission correlated with economic prosperity. The protocol encourages industries to earn Carbon credits through measures taken to reduce green house gas emissions and to be more environment-friendly.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, located at Bonn, Germany is the executive body for registration of such projects for availing benefits of carbon credits.

NALCO can earn carbon credit through these CDM projects by reducing GHG, which can be sold in international markets.

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