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The Board will plant a billion trees to lower CO2 levels

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The delegate for the Environment, Silvia López, yesterday visited the town of Vejer has been implemented by City Forest, an experimental project of the Action Plan for Climate developed by the Andalusian government and with the collaboration of the University Seville.

It is the development of environmental experience whose main objective is to mitigate the effects of climate change caused by carbon dioxide through planting trees and flowers, as sinks collectors of this harmful substance from air pollution.

The initiative promotes the planting of approximately 2,000 trees in Andalusia, allowing the annual fixation of about 160 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is equivalent to the emissions produced by traffic of 48,000 cars a year. To achieve this purpose, the Board has allocated nearly a million euros for the eight Andalusian municipalities participating in the initiative.

Vejer is expected to plant 930 trees of 46 different species that may be mitigated to 15.84 tonnes of carbon dioxide, according to Silvia Lopez said she was accompanied by the mayor of Vejer, Antonio Jesús Verdú.

The delegate said that “the study highlights the great potential we have for improving the sink capacity of these areas through the planting of more favorable for this work as the wild olive, pine and carob Resinero, increasing absorption capacity between 10% and 36% annually. ”

For his part, Mayor Antonio Jesús Verdú, emphasized “that the experience is pleasantly interesting and very well run by a professor of ecology at the University of Seville. After an initial diagnosis, now comes the planting of trees.”
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