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Sydney’s fireworks a sensible green hue

| Sourced From The Canberra Times |

Sydney wants green to be the dominant colour in its New Year’s Eve fireworks and festivities to herald in 2009. Despite more than 5000kg of explosive devices being fired off during the $5million fireworks spectacular on the harbour, revellers won’t contribute to climate change.

The city’s celebration for the first time will be carbon neutral, with the City of Sydney Council ordering a carbon audit into its all New Year’s Eve activities.

It will measure emissions from fuels and fireworks used during the event, electricity consumption and waste created in the lead-up to and during the big party.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the council would then offset the emissions by purchasing environmentally-friendly power and carbon credits.

The centrepiece of tomorrow night’s party will be a pyrotechnic storm brewing over the city, with firework simulations of lightning, thunder and rain set to dazzle some 1.5million spectators around the harbour.

With the theme of Creation, this year celebrations will feature fireworks including horizontal displays, sun pods and sparklers.

Though fireworks have been criticised as being environmentally-unfriendly, Sydney New Year’s Eve creative director Rhoda Roberts said people needed to celebrate.

”I think every now and then it’s great to have an event that you can just let your hair down and have some joy in life,” Ms Roberts said yesterday.

”People want that sort of escape and I think this year it’s more important than any other year that we’ve seen in the past.”

She said the midnight display, nicknamed the Creation Storm, would be nothing short of spectacular. AAP

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