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  • Published: Jun 29th, 2010
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Reader’s view: Veolia Energy could reduce citys carbon footprint

| Sourced From Duluthnewstribune |

The city of Duluth this summer considered another step forward in terms of environmental improvements and sustainability. The city talked to Veolia Energy, a division of Veolia Energy, about selling the Duluth Steam Cooperative.

This company has worldwide exposure and expertise in heating, cooling and power, and it has a goal of maximizing energy efficiency and carbon-footprint reduction. It has been especially encouraging that it has an interest in the Duluth Steam Cooperative, which, at present, is fueled entirely by coal.

Veolia Energy claims to have renewable-energy capabilities of 7 percent, with the percentage increasing annually. Although higher rates are probable in the future because of necessary investments, there will be a cleaner, more-sustainable environment with eventual less dependence on coal and its increasing environmental carbon controls. In addition, Veolia Energy has expertise in managing trigeneration and cogeneration systems, which use a fuel source for more than one purpose (heating, cooling and power). This means improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

Veolia produces renewable energy by means of biomass, geothermal, landfill gas, thermal-solar and photovoltaic solar. Lets hope, despite the City Councils vote on June 14 against the idea of a sale, the city continues to move forward on this project.

Tom Uecker


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