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Hydrogen technology to be used in zero carbon homes

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Builders could soon be implementing hydrogen technology for use in low carbon or zero carbon homes after clean fuel company ITM Power and the Building Research Establishment (BRE) signed an agreement to develop the technology.

The two organisations will work to develop a system which combines renewable energy, electrolysis, energy storage and hydrogen technology.

Ahead of a roll out within the industry, ITM Power said that it will use the system in demonstration homes to show the effects that hydrogen power will have on making homes zero carbon.

It is hoped that hydrogen will be used for power, heating and cooking.

BRE’s development director Martin Watson, commented: “We are pleased to be working with ITM Power on the development of this exciting new approach for achieving zero carbon homes.

“It is important that the building industry considers decarbonisation pathways based on renewable hydrogen and ITM Power’s expertise and technology in this area will be essential to that process.”

ITM’s technology can also be used for transport and industrial uses.

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