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Green conference solutions reduce carbon footprint

Conference solutions provider Polycom is assisting companies to go green by providing technologically advanced video conferencing solutions.

Polycom regional sales manager Dan Engel explains that video conferencing solutions enable companies to conduct face-to-face meetings using regular Internet protocol (IP), or public telephone networks, without leaving the office. This decreases the carbon footprint of companies by avoiding the large quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) that would be emitted if participants were required to attend meetings and events by car and aeroplanes.

“Polycom removes the barrier of distance for companies,” says Engel.

He points out that many South African companies have offices situated in more than one major city. Polycom’s high definition visual communication technology allows people in different locations to conduct fully interactive meetings with good image and audio quality and to share documents digitally, without losing eye contact or having to travel.

He proposes that there are a number of advantages to using visual communication technology. The first is the opportunity for businesses to go green and help preserve the planet for future generations.

The second advantage of Polycom’s visual communication technology is the time that it saves. The technology reduces the time and productivity lost by flights, queuing, renting cars and driving to a specified destination.

Another advantage is that Polycom’s visual communication technologies can be implemented without the need for a new technological infrastructure or network in order to accommodate the solution.

Engel says that Polycom offers the HDX series, which is a range of six different video communication products. These start from 2-m X 2-m rooms, to auditoriums that are able to host about 500 people.

The company also supplies two Telepresence solutions, which are full rooms that allow companies to partake in life-size high definition visual communication.

Engel adds that not only does Polycom provide solutions for other companies to become greener, but also attempts to be greener itself. The company has installed motion detection devices that automatically switch off air conditioners and lights when no one is present and has implemented software to shut down all dormant computer monitors. This reduces power needs.

Legislation that gives benefits back to companies that can prove they are reducing carbon emissions will drive the requests for Polycom’s technology, which supplies immediate ways of reducing carbon emissions and enhancing productivity. Visual communication can allow companies to make executive decisions immediately, which in today’s economy is key to maintaining a position in the market.

Polycom is constantly upgrading its technology. The company demonstrated and announced the development of high definition products in 1080p resolution, which have a level of detail that is more than 12 times higher than that of traditional standard definition TV, at Infocom in Las Vegas two months ago.

By Jacqueline Holman (Edited by Laura Tyrer)

Sourced From Engineering News


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