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  • Published: Feb 27th, 2010
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Carbon Market Headlines, Sat Feb 27, 2010

Opinion: What’s the Future of Climate Change and Carbon Trading?

With the Obama Administration focusing on passing health care legislation as its No. 1 priority and financial services overhaul as its second goal, the future of climate change legislation and carbon trading looks uncertain, at least for 2010.

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RI should vie for UNFCCC top post

Indonesia, the host of the much-hailed Bali climate change conference, should run for the UNs top post on climate change, which will be vacant after its chief, Yvo de Boer, resigns in July, observers said.

Legislator Muhammad Safrudin from the House of Representatives Commission VII overseeing environmental affairs said Indonesia should seek support from other countries to vie for the post.

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Forest Fires Put Carbon Credits At Risk

A forest fire burning near Dunedin is highlighting the risk of natural disasters to carbon which run into millions of dollars, Carbon News reports this morning.

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Opinion: Any excessive dependence on the sale of forest carbon credits could turn out to be problematic

Some interesting questions are raised as one looks at the news reports surrounding the new 300 page report Climate Cure released by Norway on February 17. Its targeting emission cuts of 30% by 2020 from 1990 levels. The current emission levels are around 54 million tons v about 50 million tons in 1990, and the report is looking at ways to reduce emissions by 15-17 million tons/ year by 2020.

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Yes, nuclear plants have carbon footprint

Misinformation, if repeated often enough, has the effect of lulling the public into acceptance. One particularly disturbing bit of misinformation repeated in the Feb. 4 essay is that nuclear power is environmentally friendly because nuclear power plants don’t emit greenhouse gases.

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Press Release: ERA Carbon Offsets raises $5.34 million through private placement

ERA Carbon Offsets, Ltd., a Canada-based provider of forest-based carbon offset programs, has completed a private placement of 7,360,000 common shares at a price of CAD$0.75 ($0.73) per share for total gross proceeds of CAD$5.52 million ($5.34 million).

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Opinion: Winter Olympics 2010: Big carbon footprints in the snow

When Vancouver set out in 2003 to achieve the “greenest ever” Winter Olympics, it never expected to be so successful. The city that gave birth to Greenpeace put up energy-efficient buildings, encouraged spectators to travel by bus, used rainwater to flush the loos, and even heated the Olympic villages with energy recovered from sewage. But all its earnest efforts were trumped by something it did not foresee

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