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Candidate D: Topic: Regulating carbon

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Imagine youre in Philips Arena, waiting for Bruce Springsteen to come on stage. Thousands of bodies fill the rafters and press against one another down on the floor. In the darkness, a rumbling ripples through the dome. Broooce! Brooooooce! Finally he runs out and everyone springs to their feet – singing and dancing – thousands of lungs heaving heavy air.

Heres the question: If the top were taken off Philips after Bruces last song, how much carbon dioxide would come whooshing out? And how much of your ticket price would go to pay for it?

The Environmental Protection Agency will soon reconsider whether carbon dioxide is a dangerous, planet-warming pollutant, and whether it should therefore be regulated under the Clean Air Act.

Thats carbon dioxide – a ubiquitous substance. Thats the EPA – not the executive branch. Get ready for a regulatory nightmare.

If the EPA rules accordingly – as is expected – any source emitting over 250 tons would be subject to regulation. That amount is small enough to include schools, malls, restaurants and

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