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Germany and Italy agree on carbon limits and environmental issues

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German and Italian environment ministers concluded a bilateral meeting to strengthen their ties on issues such as European policies, climate change and renewable energies.

German minister Norbert Röttgen and Italian minister Stefania Prestigiacomo agreed to support the continuity of an expiring European policy, increase emission reduction targets and expand renewable energy sources in the Balkan Peninsula.

The two ministers concurred to start the preparation of the seventh Environmental Action Programme, which expires next year, amidst ongoing debate on whether creating a new program or not.

The program was proposed by the European Commission in 1971 and has been the guiding framework of European environmental protection. The program is now under a full legislative procedure and other ministers want a new action plan.

Ms. Prestigiacomo said the program will have an important role in achieving the objectives of the European Union strategy for 2020, and that environmental concerns should be considered as priority in the blocs policies.

The two ministers also reaffirmed the role of Europe in the climate negotiations, which will take place in Durban later this year.

They believed there can be possibility of raising the carbon emission reduction target from 20 percent to 30 percent by 2020.

They said the economic state of Europe as a whole must be assessed to effectively estimate the cost of raising the 2020 target while still ensuring the economic recovery of these countries.

Both of them forecasted growth in renewable energy sources in line with the blocs national targets and energy mix plans.

They agreed to support further bilateral and multilateral agreements that will promote renewable energy in Germany and Italy on the southern shore of the Balkan Peninsula. They however recognized the lack of European framework to support this plan.

Ms. Prestigiacomo said they will work together to step up efforts in creating a single agency for environment in United Nations during the United Nations Environment Programme meeting in Nairobi next month.

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