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  • Published: Jul 30th, 2010
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Empac launches interactive environmental scorecard

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European Metal Packaging (Empac) has launched an interactive environmental scorecard

The association, which brings together European producers of rigid metal packaging, hopes the scorecard will underline its commitment to building on metal packagings record recycling rate of 71 percent in 2008, by calculating the carbon footprint of its members’ metal packaging products.

Empacs scorecard also aims to give consistent answers to questions raised by customers, retailers and regulators regarding the environmental impact of metal packaging.

Developed for Empac, the tailor made scorecard has been designed to provide estimates of CO2 eq. levels for different cans with different recycling rates, weights and transport distances.

Using a life cycle analysis approach, the scorecard tracks carbon emissions throughout the entire production process of the metal can.


Gordon Shade, Empac CEO, called the scorecard a

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