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Tesco to Reduce Emissions Using Multiple Steps: Terry Leahy

As the post-Kyoto period comes closer with probable new emissions-reductions targets, big companies have a lot to lose if they dont bring the CO2 word into their dictionaries. When it comes to British supermarkets, Tesco is the leader and has to do a lot to improve its image.

Supermarket Tesco Would Cut Emissions

Terry Leahy of Tesco has assured that the superstore would take concrete steps to cut its CO2 emissions, saying that their footprint last year was around 4.47 million tonnes of CO2. He highlighted the significance of transferring the green commitment to consumers too, using incentives like CFL bulbs and reusable shoppers.

“If retailers help customers, customers will go green,” he asserted.

What was even more promising was his plea to other businesses to go green. If firms as big as Tesco do their homework to green their supply chains, major cuts can be seen in a short time. One would only hope that this isnt just another firm greenwashing its road to brand management.

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