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Stanford Professor Invents Carbon Neutral, Carbon Sequestering Cement

In what appears to be a concrete step towards a low carbon future, Professor Brent Constantz of Stanford University has come up with a new type of eco-friendly cement. The green cement not only emits zero-carbon but also has carbon-sequestration capabilities.

Stanford Professor Invents Carbon Neutral, Carbon Sequestering Cement

The manufacturing of regular cement generates huge amounts of carbon emissions- for every ton of cement, a ton of CO2 is vented into the atmosphere. In fact, cement production accounts for 5 per cent of the global emissions. The massive carbon footprint of the cement-making process spurred the Stanford Professor, who has a large number of medical cement patents to his credit, to invent the eco-friendly cement.

Since the process is awaiting patent, the details are still under wraps. But what’s known is that it involves using the exhaust gas from power plants, which is bubbled through seawater. The chemical process creates an important component of the zero-carbon cement along with sequestering half a ton of CO2 from the power plants, for every ton of cement manufactured. Constantz says:

“The beauty here is we’re taking this old industrial polluting infrastructure and turning it into something that will save the environment”

Constantz’s cement will not only be eco-friendly but also budget-friendly-it’s expected to sell at $100, a good $10 lower than Portland cement.

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