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Research to Observe if Footprint Labeling Products Changes Shopping Behavior

Although many businesses might have adopted green practices to boost their eco-friendly image, they would be more interested in reviewing the effects of such practices on their sales and profits. Thats what some Australian students are up to for their university research project.

Study on Shopping Behavior after Footprint Labeling

These Southern Cross University students, working under the supervision of Professor Jerry Vanclay, have decided to put three types of labels on household grocery products in a local superstore. Green labels indicate a smaller footprint, yellow illustrates medium, and the black, of course, is for a bigger one. The footprint will be based on emissions resulting from all business operations up to the products placement in the superstore.

The labels will be there for a month to observe any noticeable differences in shopping behaviors from the previous month when the same products were placed without the footprint labels. Professor Vanclay revealed that the outcome of the study would be published in a scholarly journal later.

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