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First Carbon Finance Spreads Green Over Highland

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ADDIS ABABA, Nov 9, 2010 (IPS/IFEJ) – It has been decades since the people of the Humbo Woreda have been self-sufficient in food. A Clean Development Mechanism project – Ethiopia’s first – centred on the reforestation of the plateau at the heart of the district, is restoring the local environment – and sustainable livelihoods along with it.

The Humbo plateau, some 400 kilometres south of Ethiopia’s capital, is in the most densely populated part of Ethiopia. It’s a dry and dusty district that has experienced frequent drought; average rainfall is 800-900 mm and temperatures routinely rise to 40 degrees. The stripping of trees has made the low-lying areas susceptible to flooding.

But a Clean Development Mechanism project initiated by international development organisation World Vision has organised 40,000 people in the worst-affected areas to regenerate and protect 2,700 hectares of forest land. The CDM project will bring in at least $726,000 over the next ten years, in addition to permitting the sustainable harvesting of trees from 2020.

Damaging the forest

“Constant cutting for fuel wood, charcoal, grazing and clearing trees for farm lands completely destroyed the forest,” said Beyene Adebo, a farmer in Humbo.

This turned Humbos once dense forest into arid, barren land, especially after the 1984 famine in Ethiopia

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