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California to Slap a Lawsuit Against EPA Over Failure to Implement Carbon Regulation

The Attorney General of California, Jerry Brown announced on Wednesday that the state will sue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for not taking any concrete measures to regulate the greenhouse gas emissions of ships, aircrafts and industrial equipment. These are big-time polluters that burn copious amounts of fossil fuel and yet continue to run unregulated. Brown laments:

“Because Bush’s Environmental Protection Agency continues to wantonly ignore its duty to regulate pollution, California is forced to seek judicial action”

The states of Connecticut and Oregon along with the city of New York and a few other regions and environmental groups, are likely to join California in suing EPA. Brown hopes that the judicial action against EPA will stir it into action.

This is not the first time that EPA is in trouble. Earlier this year in April, eighteen states sued EPA for not not regulating emissions from new cars and trucks. In May, EPA was sued by thirteen states for not setting stringent standards for ozone pollution as required by the Clean Air Act.

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