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Brazilian Landfill CERs to Be Auctioned Online on Sept 25

So its time again to get involved in another carbon credits auction. And this time its coming from South America, Brazil to be precise. On Sept 25, BM&FBOVESPA is going to sell out over 700,000 CERs through its second aution. The credits come from two landfill projects, around 450,000 from the Bandeirantes one and another 260,000 from the Sao Joao landfill.

 Brazilian Online Auction of CERs

The auction is to take place through BMFs website early in the morning (8:30 Brasilia Time). Just one day prior to the auction date, the website will publish the minimum bid amount. Prospective bidders will have to pledge a sum of 400,000 euro at least 5 business days before the auction is held.

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