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AES CDM Project May Harm Environment, Rare Species, & Local Tribe

Though United Nations Clean Development Mechanism is meant for the good of present and future generations, a to-be-approved CDM project may very well be totally against that goal. Virginia-based Allied Energy Systems (AES) Corporation is looking forward to construct a hydroelectric dam in Panama that activists fear may harm the habitat at a World Heritage site of significance. In addition to that, it may also force a local tribe Ngobe to relocate to another place.

Panama Habitat in Danger from CDM Project

AES has asked for certification of the credits that can be achieved through this project although contemporary scientists believe tropical dams can result in generation of methane, which in itself is several times more harmful than the infamous CO2.

A large number of mammals and other species reside in the La Amistad Reserve that is threatened by this new CDM project; also present in the reserve are around 180 plant and 40 bird species that are non-existent in the rest of the world.

At first glimpse to this news, it seems as if the matter hasnt come into the notice of non-profit bodies; but just a year back, around 50 environmental organizations dispatched a letter to AES pressurizing it to move back. However, all efforts seem to have gone in vain.

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