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  • Published: Jan 31st, 2011
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Canada won’t jump into cap-and-trade carbon market on its own: Kent

OTTAWA Canada’s new environment minister is rejecting the advice of a government advisory panel that has urged him to moved ahead with made-in-Canada climate change policies, despite uncertainty about U.S. measures and regulations.

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One Response to “Canada won’t jump into cap-and-trade carbon market on its own: Kent”

  1. klem
    on Feb 1st, 2011
    @ 8:28 am

    I don’t want cap&trade in Canada. I will not vote for any party which promotes or even considers forcing cap&trade down my throat, simple as that. The EU Climate Exchange is a sewer of corruption, it had to be closed down again all last week because of some fraud, and when they commit fraud on this thing its in the billions. Any MP or MLA who wants this here should be ashamed of themselves, its a disgrace.

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