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Gillard urged to dump carbon pricing plans

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The federal government must admit its carbon pricing plans are unworkable following a decision by Japan to shelve its emissions trading scheme, the opposition says.

Japan on Tuesday postponed the creation of its scheme by a year until April 2014 in the face of strong resistance from the nation’s business lobby.

Opposition climate spokesman Greg Hunt said Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s plans to impose a price on carbon are looking “increasingly isolated on the world stage”.
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“Japan’s decision is a stunning rebuke to Labor’s plans to impose a massive hike in power prices on Australian families and businesses,” Mr Hunt said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Surely now Julia Gillard must admit that her plans are in tatters.”

Japan’s decision comes after the United States and Canada dumped the same electricity tax Ms Gillard wants to enforce in Australia, Mr Hunt said.

Last week, the federal government’s multi-party climate change committee agreed on a set of principles to guide it in developing a price on carbon, although a specific model has not been decided on.

Mr Hunt called on Ms Gillard to instead adopt the opposition’s approach of an emissions reduction fund to purchase the lowest cost abatement.

“Japan has dumped its ETS. Julia got Kevin (Rudd) to dump his before the election,” Mr Hunt said.

“Australians are right to ask why she is so hell-bent on pursuing one now when other countries are shelving theirs.”

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