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CO2 cuts a $1000 bonanza

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DEBATE over reducing carbon emissions often centres on how much it will cost the economy, but what does it mean for an average household?

A Value Hunter investigation shows cutting carbon emissions is not only good for the planet, it can save a family more than $1000 in one year.

The analysis by the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change focused on an average three-person household in western Sydney.

Project spokeswoman Amanda Kane said most of the actions identified were no or low-cost, as highlighted in the black balloon advertising campaign.

The campaign aims to inform consumers about the link between power usage and carbon emissions, but the dollar savings are a bonus.

Simply by changing some behaviour in the home, without financial outlay, a family can save $1010 annually.

Other low-cost moves such as replacing incandescent lights with CFLs saves $120, fitting a low-flow shower head saves $30 a person, draught seals save $20 and using a fan instead of an airconditioner will save $110. Replacing the old fridge with a new one will save $125.

Good insulation can cut heating and cooling costs dramatically and you can almost install it free of charge with the Federal Government $1600 rebate, but always check if the installer is accredited.

The biggest carbon emitters in the home, and therefore the most expensive, come from the hot water system and the heating and cooling appliances. An upfront investment is required to address these points, so government rebates are offered to help make the green choice.

State and federal governments offer hot water system rebates of up to $2500. Ms Kane says switching to solar heating can save $140 a year for the life of the system.

The Federal Government rebate for replacing an electric hot water system with a solar or heat pump version is $1600.

The Victorian Government offers two rebates for solar hot water, depending on whether you live in regional Victoria or Melbourne.

To check what you can get back on outlay, visit and type in your postcode.

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