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International News: Australia Carbon Farming; Japan Feed-In Tariff; German …

 the world’s first nationwide system for the creation and trade of carbon credits by its farming and forestry industries. The Carbon Farming Initiative will allow farmers and investors to generate tradeable carbon offsets from agricultural projects. 

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Australia adds opt-in rule for polluters in CO2 scheme

 carbon price,” he added, such as carbon credits from long-term tree plantations. That could benefit carbon offset firms such as Carbon Conscious (CCF.AX) and CO2 Group, (COZ.AX), the country’s main developer of tree plantations for carbon offsets

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Compostable Biobags Have Higher Carbon Footprint, Report Says

Non-biodegradable bioplastics have a smaller carbon footprint than those that are designed to decompose, according to a white paper by UK firm Biome Bioplastics. Bioplastics: an important component of global sustainability uses figures from Brazilian 

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S&P, TSE launch carbon-weighted index

The S&P/TOPIX 150 Carbon Efficient Index retains the same constituents as the underlying S&P/TOPIX 150 created in cooperation with the Tokyo Stock Exchange (“TSE”), but utilizes the Carbon Footprint metric to compare the relative emissions of different 

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  • Published: Sep 20th, 2011
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Shopping centres ‘must get greener, quicker’

UK shopping centre owners must speed up the way in which they reduce the carbon footprint of their sites, a leading property expert said this week. Angus McIntosh, director at global real estate 

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A complete guide to carbon offsetting

For example, writer George Monbiot famously compared carbon offsets with the ancient Catholic church’s practice of selling indulgences: absolution from sins and reduced time in purgatory in return for financial donations to the church

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Investigation: Green travel still has a way to go

Although some merely pay lip service to the concept, there is growing evidence that the industry wants to reduce its carbon footprint. So what can individual travellers do to make responsible environmental choices? The answer is quite a lot, 

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What’s your carbon footprint?

Audio – Just like a fingerprint, everyone has a carbon footprint. In this week’s edition of Greenwatch, we investigate exactly what a carbon footprint is. “Carbon footprint” is one of those buzz phrases that is often thrown around when people 

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Fairmont Reduces CO2 Emissions by 8.4%

Over the last few years, Fairmont has identified and implemented a number of key initiatives to help reduce its carbon footprint. These have included the creation of an internal framework to track, monitor and report on key energy and carbon data, 

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How has Google Managed to be a Carbon Neutral Company since 2007?

“…the carbon footprint of your life on Google is zero,” said Urs Hoelzle, Senior Vice President of Google’s Technical Infrastructure Department. Despite the fact that Google’s data centers around the world, which run the services for Gmail, 

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Carbon Challenge: Make a Plan, Win a Prize

Reducing your household’s carbon footprint is a long-term process, but you can get a jump-start by participating in the Green Sneakers Future Homeowners Carbon Challenge. The three-month competition, 

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Google Discloses Carbon Footprint, Renewable Energy Goals

But the company is among a rare breed that has spent money not just to buy carbon offsets or clean power to reduce carbon footprint, but it also has invested aggressively in advancing renewable energy technology development and deployment. 

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What Woodland Owners Should Know About Forest Carbon Offsets in the US South

Original economic analysis done by the authors suggests that under current market conditions (offset prices in the $8-$12/metric ton CO2e range), income from carbon offsetsmay be sufficient in some instances to pay property taxes or the “incremental” 

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Carbon Retailer Profile – AgCert

AgCert International Limited (AgCert™) is a wholly-owned AES subsidiary that produces and sells greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.   It is a “mass producer” of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Project Locations: Brazil, Mexico
United Nations Approved: Yes

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Carbon offsets scheme “great” for the Monaro

THE Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), a carbon offsets scheme that will financially reward farmers and landholders for reducing Australia’s carbon pollution, has passed the Senate this week. Member for Eden-Monaro Mike Kelly, said the CFI was an 

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Do Trees Grow on Money?

 boosted by a huge dose of carbon offsets from industry in wealthy nations. An offset-based REDD will allow those who protect forests to earn carbon credits – financial rewards based on the amount of CO 2 a forest can store and a market-derived 

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What are carbon credits?

In the voluntary carbon offset market, individuals and businesses purchase carbon credits on a voluntary basis in order to lower their carbon footprint, or the total amount of carbon emissions that result from their activities. Carbon offsets can 

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Olympics Drops Carbon-Offset Plan to Focus on U.K. Benefits

 so-called carbon offsets, or credits, which are created by funding clean- technology projects in developing countries. Greenhouse-gas emissions are blamed for climate change. Offset projects generate carbon credits when they reduce pollution versus 

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Australia Senate passes forest, farm offsets scheme

Known as the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), the new laws allow farmers and investors to generate tradeable carbon offsets from farmland and forestry projects that polluters can buy and use to meet mandatory emissions reductions. 

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  • Published: Sep 2nd, 2011
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Don’t Call It Offsets: Site Connects Sponsors to Domestic CO2 Reduction Projects

There was a time when protesters where occupying offset companies, decrying these “modern day indulgences”, but carbon offsets seem to have slipped off the radar of late. Nevertheless, many companies and individuals continue to use carbon offsets 

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