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Carbon News Sept 29

So we seem to have some colorful changes now. We are still working on some other stuff, especially thinking about removing the jobs section (for now at least; doesn’t fit there unless we can update it). Then, we are also thinking of having CER/EUA prices and some other useful stuff. Basically, we just realize that if our audience needs one thing badly, that’s TIME. So we are thinking on those lines. How can we deliver more by taking less of your time. While we covered around 4 posts daily last month, we were missing a lot of other news in between. And now we are covering a lot more, though we aren’t adding any original stuff. But these snippets save a lot of time. Anyway, let’s see what this site turns into in the next few months. Let’s move on to the news now:

Top Stories

Mobile phones to track carbon footprint

A London-based start-up company has developed software for mobile phones that uses global positioning satellites to work out automatically whether you are walking, driving or flying and then calculate your impact on the environment

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Hi subscibers!

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Carbon News Sept 26

Top Stories


Carbon News Roundup Sept 22

Top Stories – Global

Cap And Trade: Americas First Carbon Emissions Auction is Set for Thursday
A coalition of 10 northeastern states, including Maryland and Delaware, will take steps this week to check global warming. …

Burying CO2 could pay for itself by 2030: report

Trapping and burying carbon dioxide from power plants could become viable without public funding by 2030, helping nations reduce their dependence on energy imports

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Carbon News Roundup Sept 20

Here I am with the latest news again. It seems that the Aussies are really playing all their cards to get cleaner coal through carbon capture and storage. Their recent A$100 million plan is topping all carbon news so that’s what I am going to begin with:

Top Stories

Australia to set up carbon capture institute
Australia will set up a A$100 million ($80 mln) carbon capture research institute aimed at fighting climate shift and with ambitions of …

Economic slowdown won’t ease carbon emissions
Tumbling factory output following an economic slowdown will not be enough to curb rising industrial carbon …

Carbon trading boss rejects fears of slowdown in pollution permits …
There has been a 150% increase in the volumes of carbon trading on the European Climate Exchange in the first six months of the year and its boss predicted …

Saskatchewan premier warns against carbon tax
Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said on Friday that his province, which has been riding a …


Carbon Credits open window of opportunities – Neha Pahuja,

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Carbon Finance & Chicago Climate Exchange in September

September 2008 marks a critical month in the fight against climate change. As the pressure builds on corporations and other major institutions to reduce their carbon emissions, a number of newsworthy events will bring these issues to the forefront this fall.

The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) has been around for five years as the United States first legally binding cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions.

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Carbon News Roundup Sept 18

OK. I am beginning today with some top stories which you won’t want to miss even if you are in a hurry. These will be followed with the usual stories for each region. I have tried to include news from the last 2 days so that you don’t miss anything. So let’s begin:

Top Stories

Japan CO2 trial to woo emitters with voluntary curbs
Reuters UK
Japan’s planned CO2 trading scheme should be based on voluntary targets for emission cuts instead of mandatory ones to …

New York scheduled to join December carbon auction
New York state is expected to sell carbon credits in the United States’ second greenhouse gas auction, which is scheduled for …

USA: ULCOS,Not ArcelorMittal Considering EUR300M CO2 Proj
Trading Markets (press release),

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Temporary break in service

Hi Subscribers,

Just wanted to make a brief announcement that we may have over the next couple weeks through to Oct 1 spotty news coverage of the carbon market.

Do not fear, we’re making some improvements and adjustments and will be back in Oct with our service in full swing 🙂



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Carbon News Roundup Sep 12


Australia: Govt seeks ideas on reducing carbon emissions
ABC Online
The Tasmanian Government is seeking tenders for companies to identify areas where carbon emissions can be reduced. It is part of the state government’s plan …

New Zealand: Wellington Zoo aims to minimise carbon footprint
3 News NZ
Wellington Zoo prides itself on being an education facility with a passion for the environment and a desire to become fully sustainable. …

New Zealand: Collaboration at carbon footprinting workshop (press release)
More than 100 participants from government, industry and research institutes from around New Zealand attended a first of its kind workshop in Wellington …


India could cut 5 million tons of carbon
United Press International
India could prevent more than 5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions through new projects. By implementing carbon trading …

Thailand: CDM consultancy aims for growth
Bangkok Post
Despite its profitability and high potential, consultancy for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and carbon-credit trading projects in Thailand is a field …

Taiwan: Ma pledges to cut nation’s carbon dioxide emissions
Taipei Times
President Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday that his administration would keep working to reduce the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions to help protect …

China: Wooden houses are built to reduce CO2 in Växjö
People’s Daily Online,

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Interview: Paul Smith of GreenSmith Consulting

Q. Hello Paul and welcome to Carbon Offsets Daily. Lets first talk briefly about your business GreenSmith Consulting. What type of projects do you take and how do you help businesses go green?

Paul Smith GreenSmith Logo

Thanks Affan. Im a bit of a green business Swiss army knife, offering a range of services, from social media marketing campaigns to creating a sustainability plan for inside/outside the company. Currently Ive been doing a lot of social media marketing campaigns, with companies like Act2GreenSmart, Go GreenTube, and Verterra.

Q. How can sustainability consultants, offset providers and others offering green business solutions use the internet to promote their business?

Thats a big question, whose answer depends a lot on the type of company and who their target market is. I can help discern which.

For many, however, a common denominator is blogs and social media tools such as Twitter. They are free or very inexpensive means to get out the word about what you do, quickly, and ongoing. Being able to connect with, learn from, inform and be inspired by your customers goes a very long way towards building a strong foundation and solid sales for a business. For instance, I recently wrote an article about Berkeley, California based Sungevity that got more than 150 people visiting their site directly from the article. That type of awareness of the exact effectiveness of marketing is powerful.

Another tool I recently saw is Its a simple, intuitive way for your customers to let you know what theyd like to see offered, and for you to let them know if its already in progress. People suggest ideas, see if theyve already been submitted, and then have 8 total votes for whatever among the ideas interests them.

Q. In this regard, what would be the best choice for someone with a limited budget and time?

Hire me! But seriously, using tools such as Uservoice, the amazingly powerful Twitter, blogging, and social media news sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit, if leveraged correctly, can produce great results. I will gladly consult with people to both do it for them and show them how to do it themselves. Its not merely a matter of put content out there and hope for the best. But it also doesnt have to be hard, either.

Q. For a business that wants to cut its footprint, what are the pros and (possible) cons of hiring sustainability consultants?

Lets start with the cons. There are an increasing number of people calling themselves sustainability consultants. You should make sure their background and training is sufficient to have the knowledge youll want to know and the support you want for your business. At the same time, sustainability focused business as a broader trend is comparatively new, so be sure not to have standards beyond what any one person or company could have.

Using myself as an example, I am the product of one of the original sustainability focused MBA programs, Presidio School of Management, based in San Francisco. It gave both a broad, in depth knowledge of sustainable business, and at the same time, a solid grounding in how business has and is currently being done. In this way, I am able to act as a bridge between the two


Carbon News Roundup Sept 10

Canada: Carbonzero launches online carbon offsetting tool for federal election candidates
Canada NewsWire (press release)
Carbonzero released an online tool today giving Canadian federal election 2008 candidates from all parties, the ability to make …

Canada: Crunching BC’s carbon tax
BCLocalNews, Canada
BC Local News The province has been at pains to convince motorists its new carbon tax will be largely offset by income tax cuts. …

KBR Awarded $232 Mln. ADA-ES Activated Carbon Plant Construction
RTT News, NY
Wednesday, engineering services company KBR Inc. (KBR: News ) said a division of its Services Business Unit, BE&K, has been awarded a $232 …

US: Volunteers Earn Carbon Credits While Supporting Green Initiatives
Blanco County News,

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APX and the Gold Standard Foundation announce Gold Standard Registry now 200+

APX and the Gold Standard Foundation are pleased to announce today that the Gold Standard Registry now includes more than 200 valid greenhouse gas reduction projects in various stages of approval representing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in over 30 countries. This dramatic growth — well ahead of expectations — represents a total potential of approximately 15 million metric tons of carbon equivalents (MtCO2e) per annum.

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Carbon News Roundup Sept 9

Canada: Taxes on diesel, carbon split rivals in election
Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised Tuesday to reduce Canada’s excise tax on diesel fuel in contrast to his main rival’s plan for a carbon …

Germany tests carbon-free coal plant, New Zealand
Swedish energy company Vattenfall opened a small coal plant in Germany on Tuesday which will produce almost carbon-free power in a test of technology that …

UPDATE 1-Forward UK gas, power prices fall on oil, carbon
Forbes, NY
Forward British gas prices fell as oil markets sagged on Tuesday, while the prompt was supported by tight supplies. …

Can Carbon Markets Help Stop Deforestation in the Amazon?
Conde Nast Portfolio, NY
I spent the morning at a meeting in midtown on the subject of the nascent carbon markets in Brazil. They’re tiny at the moment, and they’re likely to remain …

Thailand urged to implement carbon trade
United Press International
The Thai government is being urged to implement a carbon-trading program. By implementing such a program, Thailand could bring in …

UK: Carbon Managers launches Monarch of the Glen eco gift Marketplace, UK
Carbon Managers made its first ever trade show appearance at Autumn Fair this week, where it has launched its Plant a Tree for Life eco …

Manufacturing Sector gets


Carbon News Roundup Sept 8

Release of Draft Guidelines on NZ Investment in JI/CDM Projects (press release), New Zealand
The release of new draft guidelines around New Zealand investment in projects under the Kyoto Project has been welcomed by an energy sector expert. …

WAPDA initiates CDM studies for projects
Pakistan Observer, Pakistan
Chairman WAPDA, Shakil Durrani has said that WAPDA is undertaking Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) studies of its various hydropower projects …

Lower Mainland joins carbon-tax protest
Globe and Mail, Canada
The carbon-tax revolt among municipalities has spread to the Lower Mainland with Delta and Maple Ridge registering their opposition to aspects …

Harper warns BC of double carbon taxation
Vancouver Sun,

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Sharp Unveils Carbon-Neutral TV at the IFA

At the recently concluded IFA consumer electronics trade fair in Berlin, Sharp unveiled its carbon-neutral big screen television, powered by a solar panel. While the invention will do little to help the idiot-box’s reputation, it will at least will make TV-viewing a more eco-friendly activity.
Sharp Unveils Carbon-Neutral TV at the IFA

Sharp is one of the leading manufacturers of solar panels and at the IFA it had put on display a polycrystalline-type panel that could generate 200kwh/year of electricity -enough to power one of Sharp’s latest 52″ models for 4.5 hours/day.

From PC World:

With the demonstration Sharp isn’t intending to suggest that a household buy a single panel to power their TV but an entire roof of panels to power the whole house, the (Sharp) spokesman said.

Sharp is making massive investments in the field of solar technology and its total production will reach 1 gigawatt of panels a year in the near future.

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Tesco to Reduce Emissions Using Multiple Steps: Terry Leahy

As the post-Kyoto period comes closer with probable new emissions-reductions targets, big companies have a lot to lose if they dont bring the CO2 word into their dictionaries. When it comes to British supermarkets, Tesco is the leader and has to do a lot to improve its image.

Supermarket Tesco Would Cut Emissions

Terry Leahy of Tesco has assured that the superstore would take concrete steps to cut its CO2 emissions, saying that their footprint last year was around 4.47 million tonnes of CO2. He highlighted the significance of transferring the green commitment to consumers too, using incentives like CFL bulbs and reusable shoppers.

“If retailers help customers, customers will go green,” he asserted.

What was even more promising was his plea to other businesses to go green. If firms as big as Tesco do their homework to green their supply chains, major cuts can be seen in a short time. One would only hope that this isnt just another firm greenwashing its road to brand management.

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Stanford Professor Invents Carbon Neutral, Carbon Sequestering Cement

In what appears to be a concrete step towards a low carbon future, Professor Brent Constantz of Stanford University has come up with a new type of eco-friendly cement. The green cement not only emits zero-carbon but also has carbon-sequestration capabilities.

Stanford Professor Invents Carbon Neutral, Carbon Sequestering Cement

The manufacturing of regular cement generates huge amounts of carbon emissions- for every ton of cement, a ton of CO2 is vented into the atmosphere. In fact, cement production accounts for 5 per cent of the global emissions. The massive carbon footprint of the cement-making process spurred the Stanford Professor, who has a large number of medical cement patents to his credit, to invent the eco-friendly cement.

Since the process is awaiting patent, the details are still under wraps. But what’s known is that it involves using the exhaust gas from power plants, which is bubbled through seawater. The chemical process creates an important component of the zero-carbon cement along with sequestering half a ton of CO2 from the power plants, for every ton of cement manufactured. Constantz says:

“The beauty here is we’re taking this old industrial polluting infrastructure and turning it into something that will save the environment”

Constantz’s cement will not only be eco-friendly but also budget-friendly-it’s expected to sell at $100, a good $10 lower than Portland cement.

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Cars Should Emit Only 30 g/km to Be Sustainable: Ford Exec Parry-Jones

A lot of pressure recently came upon carmakers in Europe to produce cars with greater fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. And several of them are now struggling to cope up with the new EU laws.

Automakers Should Cut Emissions

In the midst of all this, British governments advisor Richard Parry-Jones, whos also a Vice President at Ford Motors, revealed that cars account for around 10% of the man-made carbon dioxide emissions, whereas transportation overall results in 23% of the emissions. The bulk, he said, is the gift of power plants, domestic heating and business operations. But he still advocated carmakers should do more to cut emissions.

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SCC Raises $280 M to Fund Over 40 Carbon Offset Projects

Reuters today revealed through an undisclosed source that the British firm Sindicatum Carbon Capital (SCC) has been successful in raising $280 million to support carbon offset projects on a global scale. Dubai-based Istithmar contributed around 25% of the fund whereas most of the remaining came from US endowment funds and pension funds.

Carbon Offsets Projects Get Funds

SCC previously tried to raise around $300 million in the first quarter of 2008 but the efforts werent really successful due to a declining economy. The current deal, however, is a new sign of hope for the global carbon offsets market.

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Carbon Credit Prices to Rise Due to a Fall in Supply

Reports indicate that the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has revised its estimates for the supply of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs). It had previously expected to issue 1.51 billion CERs

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INTERVIEW: ClimateCHECK on the Future of Carbon Credits

The following interview is based on a story that we recently ran about JPMorgan

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Carbon Offset Projects Being Initiated to Fight Global Warming and Poverty

An increasing number of aid agencies are initiating carbon offset projects that have a two-pronged objective: mitigating the impact of greenhouse gas emissions as well as alleviating the suffering of the economically weak communities. These projects might put to rest a major concern associated with carbon offsetting schemes – that they do not address the needs of the poor, who are worst affected by climate change.
Carbon Offset Projects Being Initiated to Fight Global Warming and Poverty

For instance, the New Economics Foundation (NEF) along with the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) are planning projects that will not only fight global warming by propagating the use of renewables but also invest in the weaker sections to help them cope with the ill-effects of climate change: teaching them how to swim to tackle floods, providing drought-resistant cashew trees to build an income stream etc.

Saleemul Huq of IIED says:

“It connects me with a human being at the other end of the world who’s being affected by my pollution, and I then invest in that person”

Agencies such as Mercy Corps are also working towards increasing the transparency of offset projects. Through its Cool Carbon initiative, it’s trying to fight climate change as well as poverty. Moreover,

“People can look at the progress of the projects online, and this should give them more faith that their money is going somewhere tangible, with more of a connection to those they are helping” says Betsy Joseph of Mercy Corps.

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PhD Researcher Says Legal Framework Missing, Australian Carbon Trading Would Weaken

Although the Australian government has brought its carbon trading plan into limelight, the scheme may eventually weaken due to the absence of a comprehensive legal

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AES CDM Project May Harm Environment, Rare Species, & Local Tribe

Though United Nations Clean Development Mechanism is meant for the good of present and future generations, a to-be-approved CDM project may very well be totally against that goal. Virginia-based Allied Energy Systems (AES) Corporation is looking forward to construct a hydroelectric dam in Panama that activists fear may harm the habitat at a World Heritage site of significance. In addition to that, it may also force a local tribe Ngobe to relocate to another place.

Panama Habitat in Danger from CDM Project

AES has asked for certification of the credits that can be achieved through this project although contemporary scientists believe tropical dams can result in generation of methane, which in itself is several times more harmful than the infamous CO2.

A large number of mammals and other species reside in the La Amistad Reserve that is threatened by this new CDM project; also present in the reserve are around 180 plant and 40 bird species that are non-existent in the rest of the world.

At first glimpse to this news, it seems as if the matter hasnt come into the notice of non-profit bodies; but just a year back, around 50 environmental organizations dispatched a letter to AES pressurizing it to move back. However, all efforts seem to have gone in vain.

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Webchat with Shell on Emissions Trading

Emissions trading tends to elicit a mixed reaction -some view it as an indispensable technique to rein in greenhouse gas emissions, while its critics see it as a license to pollute. Despite the ambivalence, it is emerging as a much-used tool in the fight against global warming. And perhaps this is what prompted Shell-the energy giant, to shed some more light on the system.
Webchat with Shell on Emissions Trading

The Climate Change Advisor of the Shell Group, David Hone will be available for web chat that will focus on the pros and cons of carbon trading, the policy environment conducive for its growth and the expansion of the trading system to a global scale. Two chat sessions will be held on September 10th. Details about the timings and registration can be found here.

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