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New Software to Help Air Travelers Cut Carbon Footprint

Airlines and other sector may very well be anticipating losses in the post-2012 scenario when environmental laws can become even stricter. But as environmental awareness matures amongst consumers worldwide, there is an ever-growing community that wishes to reduce its emissions voluntarily. And that is a ripe market for carbon offset providers and others in this trade.

 Cut Air Travel Emissions with Software

Galileo GDS was on the lookout for new opportunities and saw the need for some software to assist air travelers in reducing their carbon footprint and emissions. The end result is Travelport Carbon Tracker, a tool that would tell consumers how much they contribute to GHG emissions from the next flight they take. In addition, the system will help travelers select the flight that would result in the least emissions.

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India 3rd Largest Emitter through Power Generation: CGD

The Center for Global Development (CGD) has revealed that India stands at the third position amongst the largest CO2 emitting nations all over the world. The Washington-based think-tank has suggested that Indians can do a lot better by moving to solar-powered energy.

 India Third Largest Emitter

Inside India, the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) contributes the most to the countrys overall carbon emissions; however, the company is also one of the most efficient ones when it comes to power generation from fossil fuels.

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Carbon News August 30

Scotland to Measure Carbon Cost for All Government Projects

Though most governments struggle to implement carbon-cutting measures in specific sectors, things seem to be quite different in Scotland, or at least we can hope so for the future. The Scottish government has decided to take into account GHG emissions for all public-sector spending while no other country does that at the moment.

Public Sector Environmental Costs

Starting from 2010, the carbon cost of each government projects will be estimated and will be published as part of the government budget. The move has been designed to let bureaucrats and policymakers consider the environmental costs against the economic benefits. Environmental experts have been assigned the task to prepare a comprehensive framework that will facilitate estimation of the environmental costs for all official projects.

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Carbon Market News August 29

Australia: Investors Put in More Despite Upcoming Carbon Trading Scheme

Though critics have long believed the emissions trading scheme would squeeze out capital and jobs from the Australian market, current figures show an opposite trend. The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed a 5.7% increase in capital spending in the last quarter. Even the mining sector saw a 9% boost in capital expenditure, and forecasts for the next year are even higher. In addition, the Australian Bureau expects other sectors to grow too in terms of their investments.

Investments Increase despite Carbon Trading Scheme

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Camco Sells 5.8m Tons of co2 from Nine Projects

The auction of carbon offsets organized by Camco International yesterday, turned out to be a huge success. 5.8 mn tons of offsets were auctioned to companies looking to meet their greenhouse gas reduction targets under EU’s regulations. According to Camco, the auction was over-subscribed 4 times and the offsets were valued at over 15 euros a ton.

Camco Sells 5.8m Tons of co2 from Nine Projects

The trade price of benchmark CERs was higher on the European Climate Exchange, but not all projects linked to the Camco auction were registered under a UN Kyoto Protocol scheme.

Camco is one of the leading providers of CERs to companies whose emissions have been capped under the EU ETS and to those in developed countries trying to stick to emission goals under the UN’s Kyoto Protocol.

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Brazilian Landfill CERs to Be Auctioned Online on Sept 25

So its time again to get involved in another carbon credits auction. And this time its coming from South America, Brazil to be precise. On Sept 25, BM&FBOVESPA is going to sell out over 700,000 CERs through its second aution. The credits come from two landfill projects, around 450,000 from the Bandeirantes one and another 260,000 from the Sao Joao landfill.

 Brazilian Online Auction of CERs

The auction is to take place through BMFs website early in the morning (8:30 Brasilia Time). Just one day prior to the auction date, the website will publish the minimum bid amount. Prospective bidders will have to pledge a sum of 400,000 euro at least 5 business days before the auction is held.

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Dow Jones and CCX Launch Emissions Indexes

Carbon Market News August 28

EU Lawmakers Recommend Greater Offset Use

EU lawmakers have proposed that industries should be permitted to use carbon offsets to meet 25 per cent of the emission cuts that they are required to make under the European Union’s caps from 2013 to 2020. If the proposals of the EU parliament industry committee are accepted, that would make way for greater use of offsets than what was proposed by the Executive Commission in January.
EU Lawmakers Recommend Greater Offset Use

The lawmakers want to permit industries to be able to offset a fourth of the greenhouse gas reductions they need to make compared to 2008-2012, irrespective of whether an agreement is reached to extend/replace the Kyoto Protocol.

If the proposals go through, that would translate into lower costs for the EU industries to meet their emission targets and also give a boost to the growing carbon market.

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US DOE Team to Monitor Carbon Sequestration Project Using Underground Apparatus

While Canadians debate carbon tax and Aussies fight over the emissions scheme, the US Dept of Energy is taking a shot at the controversial carbon sequestration plan. The Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (SECARB), which is a part of the DOE, has set up sophisticated underground apparatus to monitor CO2 injected for an oil recovery program.

DOE to Monitor Carbon Sequestration Project

Apart from being a step towards large-scale sequestration projects, the current study will also assist in evaluating the type of apparatus required to ensure secure storage of carbon dioxide. Approximately 250K-500K metric tons of carbon dioxide will be pumped around 10,000 feet into the ground every year for this sequestration research.

Although CO2 injection isnt that new an approach for Enhanced Oil Recovery, what needs to be tested largely is the safety of the whole process, especially the safety of underground water resources from being contaminated by the injected gases.

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Study Suggests New Business Model for Carbon Offset Providers

Omega– a research organization that aims to make the aviation industry more sustainable, in partnership with the Manchester Metropolitan University has come up with a study that tries to determine the airline customers’ awareness about carbon offsets and their willingness to pay.

Study Suggests New Business Model for Carbon Offset Providers

The research was conducted by Dr. Paul Hooper and covered 487 business/leisure fliers at the Manchester Airport. Of those polled, more than 75% were aware of the fact that air travel causes global warming but fewer than 10% had chosen to offset their travel emissions. The low rate of offset purchase was attributed to the lack of knowledge – over 50% of the passengers didn’t know about carbon offsets or how they could be purchased. Also, about a quarter was skeptical about the effectiveness of carbon offsets or the cost factor.

But overall the results suggested an inclination to pay for emission reduction schemes – 17% said that they would pay for offsets in full, while 30%

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New Technology to Tell Carbon Footprint Using GPS Mobile and Enable Competition with Facebook Friends

Have you ever wondered which driving path you should take to minimize your environmental impact? Or do you know how much exposed you are to GHG emissions when you jog in the local park? A couple of eco-conscious researchers are now going to let you learn that by downloading software on your GPS mobile.

PEIR Carbon Footprint with GPS Mobile

UCLA Professor Deborah Estrin is working with her colleagues on this CENS project, which will give you some sense of your environmental responsibility through its Personal Environmental Impact Report (PEIR). These daily reports will tell you how much pollution you cause while you drive and what quantity of harmful gases you inhale during your healthy walks.

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Carbon Market News August 27

The ONset of Glenn Beck’s Anti-Global Warming Agenda

Glenn Beck – the radio and TV host is an unabashed skeptic of global warming. No wonder then, he doesn’t mind being full of hot air. And that has been reinforced, thanks to his latest stunt: the Carbon ONset Program for “Offsetting the Offsets”.

The ONset of Glenn Beck's Anti-Global Warming Agenda

In what appears to be an attempt to poke fun at those who believe in global warming and its potential for catastrophe, Beck has launched the program with a view to nullify the efforts of the Democrats to make the Democratic National Convention a green event.

From his website:

What can you to help? Take part in our carbon ONset program. We are asking you to make just a few small sacrifices to completely wipe out any potential energy savings the Democrats claim credit for…

Sign up for our carbon ONset program. Use more energy for mother nature. Do it for the earth (or more accurately, the people living on it.)

Any takers?

Image Source: Think Progress

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Research to Observe if Footprint Labeling Products Changes Shopping Behavior

Although many businesses might have adopted green practices to boost their eco-friendly image, they would be more interested in reviewing the effects of such practices on their sales and profits. Thats what some Australian students are up to for their university research project.

Study on Shopping Behavior after Footprint Labeling

These Southern Cross University students, working under the supervision of Professor Jerry Vanclay, have decided to put three types of labels on household grocery products in a local superstore. Green labels indicate a smaller footprint, yellow illustrates medium, and the black, of course, is for a bigger one. The footprint will be based on emissions resulting from all business operations up to the products placement in the superstore.

The labels will be there for a month to observe any noticeable differences in shopping behaviors from the previous month when the same products were placed without the footprint labels. Professor Vanclay revealed that the outcome of the study would be published in a scholarly journal later.

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EU Auto Makers Need to Buck Up in the Race for CO2 Reduction

A report released by the green group T&E states that auto makers are lagging behind in their effort to slash carbon emissions, which will make it hard to meet the CO2 targets proposed by the European Union. The auto industry will have to attain a 17% reduction in carbon emissions in order to meet the 2012 EU targets.

EU Auto Makers Need to Buck Up in the Race for CO2 Reduction

The EU has pledged that by 2020, emissions would go down by at least 20% of 1990 levels and the car industry is supposed to contribute towards the reduction goal by cutting down emissions from new cars from the current 158 grams/km to 130 grams/km by the year 2012.

The top five brands that are on track to meet the targets are PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Renault, Fiat, Toyota and Honda; while Nissan, Mazda and Suzuki will need to make huge CO2 cuts if they want to keep up.

With cars being one of the biggest sources of emissions, the proposed CO2 cuts will go a long way in curbing pollution. But with the auto industry trying to resist EU’s proposal, it remains to be seen whether it will actually materialize.

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Shoemaker Retaining Shoeprint While Dealing with Carbon Footprint

CarbonFund has found another partner to enlarge its already growing network of green businesses and organizations that benefit our planet. And this time its none other than the Planet itself, I mean. Working together, they are now going to offer CarbonFree Plus Shopping to people who buy shoes online through the site. Using this option would result in Planet Shoes buying offsets to counter the emissions from shipping and transportation.

Planet Shoes Cuts Carbon Footprint

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Carbon Market News August 26

Walmart Canada to Open Energy Efficient Outlets

Not too long ago Wal-Mart was slammed left, right and center by environmentalists for urging the Federal Trade Commission to steer clear from setting carbon offset guidelines. The following bit of news, however, might somewhat salvage the store’s sinking green reputation.

Walmart Canada to Open Energy Efficient Outlets

Wal-Mart Canada is set to open energy efficient stores in 2009 that will cut down energy-usage by as much as 30 per cent. The retail giant will accomplish its target by cutting down on lighting and cooling costs, building smaller stores and through innovative steps such as harnessing waste refrigerator energy towards heating up the stores.

The new stores will not only help green up the environment but also make financial sense -they are expected to save Wal-Mart $24 million over a five year period.

David Cheesewright of Wal-Mart Canada claims that the retail giant is making a concerted global effort to meet the store’s long term goals of generating zero waste, switching completely to renewables and selling eco-friendly products.

Image Source: Reuters

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Ziggurat: Carbon Neutral, Pyramid-Like City of the Future

Though the ancient pyramids will continue to remain unparalleled in the intrigue that they inspire, the pyramid of Dubai just might come in as a close second. Timelinks – an environmental design firm in Dubai is all set to unveil plans for a pyramid-shaped, futuristic and sustainable city at the Cityscape Dubai this October.

Carbon Neutral Pyramid-Like City to be Unveiled

Dubbed Ziggurat, the city will span 2.3 sq kms, accommodate a million people and here’s the best part: it’s going to be completely carbon neutral. Timelinks’ director, Ridas Matonis claims:

“Ziggurat communities can be almost totally self-sufficient energy-wise. Apart from using steam power in the building we will also employ wind turbine technology to harness natural energy resources.”

What’s more, the city’s transportation in the form of an integrated horizontal-vertical 360 degree network will make car-free travel possible.

The International Institute for the Urban Environment construes the structure as technically sound, but concerns are being expressed over the efficiency of the food supply and waste system. Moreover, as World Architecture News points out : “Are people willing to live in a mega building of 2.3 sq km?”

Any thoughts?

Image Source: World Architecture News

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Offsetting CO2 Emissions Partially Ineffective: Friends of the Earth

Environmentalists from Friends of the Earth (FOE) claim that offsetting carbon emissions is not very a useful strategy if one considers the bigger picture of tackling climate change.

Friends of the Earth Says Carbon Offsetting Ineffective

Although the charity did accept the role of offsetting in the shift towards a low-carbon economy, it was still skeptical about its overall effectiveness in emissions reductions. An FOE representative further added that offsetting may even encourage people to carry on with their emission-generating activities, as they may deem it sufficient to offset emissions rather than cut them.

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EcoSecurities Works with Deutsche Bank to Neutralize All Emissions from PGA Tour

EcoSecurities collaborates with Deutsche Bank to make their PGA championship a carbon neutral event, which will be the first of its kind according to the bank officials. It has been estimated that the whole event would result in around 2,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions, taking into account transportation of media and fans too. They started with a combination of recycling, waste reduction and biofuels but learned soon that these steps werent enough to neutralize all emissions.

EcoSecurities and Deutsche Bank Neutralize PGA Tour Emissions

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Carbon Market News August 25

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