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Tools For Business

Carbonetworks is a software platform that helps companies create carbon
emissions strategies that reduce costs and capitalize on emerging
global markets.

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Montreal Exchange Begins Carbon Trading

The Montreal Climate Exchange (MCeX),
Canadas first regulated environmental market was launched today. A joint
venture between the Montreal Exchange and the Chicago Climate Exchange, the
MCeX will begin trading futures contracts in carbon dioxide equivalent units. Carbon
credits will be given to the exchange members who are able to meet or exceed
emission reduction targets, and they will be able to sell the credits through the exchange at
market value to those who fall short of the target.

Luc Bertrand, the President and CEO of the
Montreal Exchange and the Chairman of the MCeX said "Our goal is to
position MCeX as a leading developer of market solutions that help industry
reduce greenhouse gas emissions as efficiently as possible." With Canada’s energy consumption and thus emissions among the highest in the world, if the MCeX is indeed able to accomplish its goal – the world will surely become a greener place.

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Are Personal Carbon Credits the Answer?

Tim Yeo, the
Chairman of UK’s Environmental Audit Committee, is all in favor of establishing
a system of personal carbon credits, according to the BBC. Under the
system, each person would be given a quota of carbon credits to meet their fuel
and energy needs; anyone who exceeds the stipulated carbon limit will need to
purchase more credits from those who havent. However, the proposition has
been met with ambivalence. The committee sees it as having "real potential
to engage the population in the fight against climate change and to achieve
significant emissions reductions in a progressive way". But the environment
minister, Hilary Benn has dismissed the plan as being

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Events & Conferences

29-30 May 2008, Thistle Marble Arch, London, UK
(28 May – Morning Workshop)

2008 Global Katoomba Meeting XII
06/09/2008 – 06/10/2008
The Global Katoomba meeting brings together leading policy makers, major financial institutions, business leaders, the environmental community and local indigenous groups to discuss the current scope and potential of ecosystem markets

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United Nations’ Carbon Offset Program Comes Under Fire

According to a recent article in the
Guardian, controversy and criticism surround the UNs clean
development mechanism
(CDM). The CDM is a system established under the Kyoto
that gives industrialized nations the opportunity to earn CDM credits or certified emission
reductions (CERs), by undertaking investments in emission reduction technologies
in the developing world. The CDM is supposed to ensure that the projects meet the

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Nissan Launches Carbon Offset Campaign in Japan

Nissan- the
Japanese automaker, today introduced a first-of-a-kind carbon offset program in
Japan that is linked to the sale of a vehicle. In this eco-friendly endeavor, Nissan has joined hands with Carbon
Offset Japan, an environmental non-profit organization adhering to the
principals of the Kyoto Protocol. Under the carbon offset program, for every
March Collet sold, Nissan will pledge one ton of carbon credits (equivalent to
carbon-dioxide emissions from 4,971 miles of driving) under Carbon Offset Japan.

With the number of cars on the road ever increasing and the concomitant rise in carbon emissions, such programs are a move in the right direction. The above-mentioned campaign, by
allowing customers to offset the carbon footprints of their vehicles will reduce
the adverse environmental impact of driving. With this initiative, Nissan has
taken yet another step in keeping with the Nissan Green Program 2010.

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SAS for Slow and Steady?

and steady wins the green race seems to be the mantra adopted by the
Scandinavian airlines, SAS. One of the pioneer airlines in encouraging
customers to purchase carbon offsets,
SAS has come up with yet another way to help the environment. According to a recent
Reuters article,
the airlines has slowed down the speed of its passenger jets from 534 mph to 485 mph, as the latter is a much
more fuel efficient speed.

There are a host of airlines that give customers an
opportunity to purchase carbon offsets. Delta was the first American airline
to offer offset purchases to customers.
Continental Airlines
and more recently, Jet Blue
also enable customers to purchase carbon offsets. Other notable examples include
Virgin, Cathay Pacific and even the travel website Expedia.

By following a two pronged strategy: reduce carbon emissions as much as possible, carbon offset what you cant, SAS is not only reducing their carbon footprint and impact on global warming, they’re also reducing fuel

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Carbon Offset Certifications

Brands Providing Carbon Offsets


  1. Continental (Carbon Offsets from Sustainable Travel International) More…
  2. Delta (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…
  3. Virgin (Carbon Offsets from MyClimate) More…
  4. Cathay Pacific (Carbon Offsets from ???) More…
  5. SAS (Carbon Offsets from The Carbon Neutral Company) More…
  6. Expedia (Carbon Offsets from TerraPass) More..
  7. JetBlue (Carbon Offsets from CarbonFund) More…
  8. Travelocity (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…
  9. World Class Charters (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…


  1. Enterprise (Carbon Offsets from TerraPass) More…
  2. National Car Rental (Carbon Offsets from TerraPass) More…
  3. Alamo Rental Car (Carbon Offsets from TerraPass) More…
  4. Allstate (Carbon Offsets from CarbonFund) More…
  5. Volkswagen (Carbon Offsets from CarbonFund) More…
  6. Land Rover Portland (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…

Bottled Water

  1. Figi (Carbon Offsets from Conservation International / ICF International) More…

Consumer Products

  1. Biolage (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…
  2. The North Face (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…

Credit Card

  1. Brighter Planet – w/BofA financial services (Carbon Offsets from NativeEnergy) More…
  2. GE (Carbon Offsets from AES) More…


  1. Toshiba (Carbon Offsets from co2balance) More…
  2. Dell (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund and CarbonFund) More…


  1. NBC Universals "Green in Universal" iVillage Forest (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…
  2. The Walt Disney Company (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…


  1. Coastal Living (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…


  1. uShip (Carbon Offsets from TerraPass) More…
  2. DHL (Carbon Offsets from ???)
  3. (Carbon Offsets from CarbonFund) More…
  4. (Carbon Offsets from CarbonFund) More…
  5. (Carbon Offsets from CarbonFund) More…
  6. (Carbon Offsets from CarbonFund) More…
  7. EA Logistics "Delivered GrEAn" (Carbon Offsets from CarbonFund) More…
  8. (Carbon Offsets from CarbonFund) More…
  9. Continental Airlines Cargo (Carbon Offsets from Sustainable Travel International) More…
  10. UHaul (Carbon offsets from Conservation International) More…
  11. Gaiam (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…


  1. Aspen Ski Area (Carbon Offsets from Bonneville Environmental Foundation) More…
  2. Fairmont Olympic Hotel (Carbon Offsets from The Conservation Fund) More…

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Carbon Offset Retailers

TIER 1 – Top performing providers, based on evaluation of 30 retail offset providers*





































  Location **Price/Ton (USD) Year Started Dominant Offset Types
Ag-Cert/(Drive Green) Ireland $8-$13 2002 Anaerobic Digestion
AtmosFair Germany $20 N/A EE, Waste methane, Solar
The Carbon Neutral Company England $15-$20 1997 RE, EE, Reforestation
Climate Care England $15 1998 RE, EE, Reforestation
The Climate Trust U.S. $12 1997 RE, EE, Reforestation
CO2 Balance England $18 2003 EE, Reforestation


U.S. $12 2001 RECs, RE, Anaerobic Digestion
Sustainable Travel International U.S. $15 2002 RE, EE

*Source: A Consumers’ Guide To Retail Carbon Offset Providers. Clean Air-Cool Planet, 2006
**Prices can vary significantly for individuals, events, etc. and are rounded – revised 12/15/2006


American Forests

AtmosClear Climate Club

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Carbon Clear


Certified Clean Car / PVUSAsolar

ClearSky Climate Solutions


Climate Wedge Limited Oy

Cleaner and Greener

Clean Air Pass

Cliimate Change Consulting

Climate Friendly

Climate Save

CO2 Australia

CO2OL Planet

CO2OL-USA (now ClearSky Climate Solutions)

Conservation International

The Conservation Fund

Drive Neutral



Environmental Synergy

Envirotrade/Plan Vivo/ECCM

Green Fleet

Grow A Forest




Prima Klima

Solar Electric Light Fund


TIST (The international small group and tree planting program)

Trees for the Future

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Glossary of Climate Change and Carbon Offset Terms



Emissions reductions are

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Sustainable Energy Project Videos – You Decide Who Gets $5,000

Only a few days left for the Bordeaux Energy Colloquium on-line virtual tradeshow that began May 15th and concludes May 31st, 2008. They are giving away $5,000 to one of ten sustainable energy projects, each of which has sent in a video summary of their project.


PROJECT SUMMARIES: videos are available in the video section of the Facebook group page (you have to login) and text summaries are here:

1. Shelby Tyne- Greenway Farms – S. Africa

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Green Stock Exchange to launch micro trading of carbon offsets

The Green Stock Exchange (GREENSX), which claims to be the first social stock exchange in North America, plans to launch what they are calling a new,

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