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Emissions trading scheme? Take a leaf out of our book

“By registering my forests for carbon offsets, I’m getting the same income as if I had harvested the trees, but I’m also delivering outcomes for the environment and for my family’s farming future.” Other Tasmanian landholders are choosing to follow the 

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Australia adds opt-in rule for polluters in CO2 scheme

 carbon price,” he added, such as carbon credits from long-term tree plantations. That could benefit carbon offset firms such as Carbon Conscious (CCF.AX) and CO2 Group, (COZ.AX), the country’s main developer of tree plantations for carbon offsets

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Carbon offsets scheme “great” for the Monaro

THE Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), a carbon offsets scheme that will financially reward farmers and landholders for reducing Australia’s carbon pollution, has passed the Senate this week. Member for Eden-Monaro Mike Kelly, said the CFI was an 

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